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Moe's Notes 1.0

ScreenShot of Moe's Notes 1.0 by Moe's Kitchen Moe's Notes is a multimedia note recorder, editor and organizer for creative and/or busy people. You can save audio, an image or video, text, tags, and GPS coordinates in each note. You can edit, sort and search for notes in various ways, then email them or upload them to Facebook. Use Moe's Notes to: • Capture audio/visual/textual ideas • Make to-do, shopping, appointment lists • Record lectures, speeches, business meetings • Take photos and videos with geolocation data • Assist in your journalism or blogging • Quickly compose email with audio, image, and video • Organize your notes with tags Moe’s Notes includes features not found in other note-taking applications: • Audio waveform display • Variable-speed audio playback • Audio, image...
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PhotoViva 2.03

ScreenShot of PhotoViva 2.03 by Lamina Design LLC New Version 2.03 now available! Now you can select the image size to paint higher resolution images. There is an improved user interface with enhance and paint modes, and the app uses less memory on your device. You can also choose to start painting with a blank canvas when a new image is loaded. Image processing is made faster with OpenGL ES 2.0, and PhotoViva also now links to online documentation. • Please watch the video at "Fantastic! - Amazing flexibility and quality.""Mind-Blowing unique painterly effects.""I love this app!!!!""Unique effects. - Surprising amounts of app depth.""...truly a hidden treasure.""Absolutely awesome, will use this a lot!""Wow! - Didn't expected so much from an iPhone...
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PhotoViva 2.09

ScreenShot of PhotoViva 2.09 by Lamina Design Please watch the video at NOTE: If there are any bugs/crashes, contact me directly and I'll try to fix it! Working on Fix for Galaxy S II. Romona, please contact me. "Unglaublich, was diese App kann! Einfach zu bedienen, sehr umfangreich und heraus kommen wahre Kunstwerke. Toll! " "Muy buena app Muy buena app, es diferente al resto y no presenta fallos" "Fantastic! - Amazing flexibility and quality." "Mind-Blowing unique painterly effects." "I love this app!!!!" "Unique effects. - Surprising amounts of app depth." "...truly a hidden treasure." "Absolutely awesome, will use this a lot!" "Wow! - Didn't expected so much from an iPhone drawing app." PhotoViva is a powerful...
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Angel Camera DX 1.07

ScreenShot of Angel Camera DX 1.07 by Angel Camera DX (Deluxe) is the high-performance version of Angel Camera. It has video movie and widget capturing modes, and lets you choose your theme color from 6 colors. The silent shutter mode that allows you to capture images without disturbing the atmosphere is a popular feature as well. [New Features of the Deluxe Version] - video filming mode - take pictures from widget on the homescreen - change location for saved files, or designate a new one - launch external camera from within another app - choose a theme color from these 6: pink, purple, blue, orange, green, or blue * NOTE - Some model may not support video filming and camera flash features. Pictures of certain resolution may not be able to be captured. We recommend that you test the application before using. - You cannot rotate...
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Mosaicture 1.4

ScreenShot of Mosaicture 1.4 by 2ULabs Mosaicture is the first Android application that generates mosaics based on all available images on your device. While other applications simply draw the original image over top of your photos, Mosaicture uses the available images on your gallery, automatically placing them in the correct place to recreate the original image as a mosaic. Select an image of your device, or take a picture, and give it a time so Mosaicture can recreate the original image using the images on your gallery. The more different the color of your images, the more precise Mosaicture can match the original image. Features ✓ Create mosaics of any photos on your gallery ✓ Use zoom-in to visualize the photos used on your mosaic ✓ Adjust the size of your mosaic ✓ Select photos that should not be used on...
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OsiriX 1.1.2

ScreenShot of OsiriX 1.1.2 by OsiriX Team OsiriX is a true DICOM image viewer. Supports standard DICOM communications. OsiriX is a companion application to OsiriX for Mac which is an interactive visualization program designed for display and analysis of medical images. The iPhone version allows downloading and manipulating series of images directly on the iPhone. OsiriX on iPhone is capable of displaying images from most common imaging modality (ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET etc…) in their native standard DICOM format used by the medical industry. OsiriX on iPhone is a fully DICOM-compliant listener that can receive images from any DICOM imaging device through WiFi network. The iPhone application is designed to work seamlessly with the desktop version of the software (running only on a Mac). The desktop version of OsiriX...
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ImageViewer 1.0

ScreenShot of ImageViewer 1.0 by ImageViewer a good help to take a photo, view images, and share images with you family or friends. With easy-to-use user interface, it very easy to edit images or manage files/folders on iPhone but not you computer. Features: - Use Camera to Take Photo or Pick Photo from album - Very Easy to manage files and folders (Delete/Copy/Paste/Rename , etc) - Tap to full screen or not - Double tap to zoom image at actrul size - Use two finger to zoom in/out image - Auto-orientation Portrait/Landscape - Saves images in their full resolution - Easy-to-use user interface - Rotate or Crop images - Email to your friends or save image into album - With builded in Web Server(http) , your can upload images to iPhone by web browser on you computer . - Support upload image Zip file (touch to unzip it after you...
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TwitBird Pro for Twitter 2.4.3

ScreenShot of TwitBird Pro for Twitter 2.4.3 by NibiruTech LTD TwitBird is a fast, flexible, full-featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It has a lot of cool features that you see in other twitter apps but rarely together. It offers everything you'd expect for a good twitter client, from your timeline to map search. It is such a powerful twitter client with simple user interface, people will find no difficulties to use all the features. SPECIAL FEATURES : ● In-App-Badges to show number of unread tweets ● Landscape mode supported everywhere ● Address Book ● Official Lists supports ● Inline picture preview ● Tweet Music/Now Playing ● Tweet Your Voice ● Tweet Video(3Gs only) ● Save link to readitlater, instapaper or save in twitbird ● Two themes ● Custom background image ● Geotag supports(turned on in required...
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FishEYE Camera

ScreenShot of FishEYE Camera by akaMetro FishEYE Camera helps you capture beautiful images with your Windows Phone 7 as if you had an expensive Fisheye Lens. FishEYE Camera will up updated frequently. If there are features you would like to see, need technical support, or have some feedback, please let us know by sending us an email at If you enjoy using FishEYE Camera, please leave us a review and tell your friends about this app. Every little bit helps. Thank you for using FishEYE Camera! Features # Create FishEYE images with photos from your album # Create FishEYE images with pictures newly taken from your camera # Select the FishEYE effect region # Rotate or Flip your image # Save your image # Themed to your phone's colors # More features coming in the next version! v1.4 # Now select the FishEYE effect...
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A+ Camera Zoom Pro 1.3

ScreenShot of A+ Camera Zoom Pro 1.3 by Tsai San San One of the most popular iPhone Camera Zooming app! With 9 polished features to help you take nice photos. Brand NEW features, giving you more flexibilities: * Multiple image sizes, you can choose upto 1280x960 or downto 640x480. * Preview image before saving, gives you the control to save or take another. * Camera guide, helps you align and compose photos. * Burst mode, you can take up to 7 photos in one shot. * Background saving, take new pictures while other pictures are saving, allows you to take multiple pictures in a short period of time. The most wanted feature: * Up to 4X digital zoom, in real time. Our unique feature: * Control horizontal and vertical zoom separately, which makes your camera more fun. For example, you can take a picture that makes someone look skinny/chubby. Clear &...
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